Kahuna Grip Riverrock

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14×27” Riverrock $24.95 +  $9.95 S/H 

Shape Rectangular
Material Care Instructions Hand wash with tub cleaner and soft brisseled brush (best to use non oil based cleaners)
Item Weight 0.25 Pounds


14″x27” Riverrock $24.95 +  $9.95 S/H 

About this item

  • Vinyl
  • Non abrasive
  • Conformable, non-residual Removable adhesive (no mess)
  • Patented peel and stick Anti slip material
  • Anti fungal

The Kahana grip patented material is so durable that it won’t tear, and as thin as your thumb nail.
We guarantee that Kahuna Grip is the best bath mat you will ever use!

  • ORDER NOW ,and we will send you a second Kahuna grip bath mat FOR FREE!
  • Just pay separate processing and handling.

6 reviews for Kahuna Grip Riverrock

  1. Louise from NYC

    Beautiful and held up the whole year I was in that house, but I couldn’t take it with me was the only downfall. Would recommend to friend and would buy again.

  2. Jon C.

    It makes me feel very secure getting into shower especially when you take that first initial step when the water is running, it can be very slippery.

  3. Russell V.

    I am glad it is but one get one free. You would need 2 for a larger square shower floor.

  4. Koehen

    I slipped in a shower tub before. I wish I knew of this product long ago. I now have no fear of slipping in my shower, whatsoever.

  5. Amazon Reviewer

    These mats are very high quality and a must have in my house! Got them with different designs for each bathroom. I didn’t expect to like them this much, but for sure 5 stars in all ways!

  6. Jean Selmon

    It adheres to the shower floor but is still hard underneath your feet. I would have liked some padding but I guess then it wouldn’t adhere so well? Yes it looks nice and does prevent you from slipping in the shower.

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