Kahuna Grip Blue

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Blue $24.95 bogo + $19.90 S/H for 2 Kahuna grip mats

Shape Rectangular
Material Care Instructions Hand wash with tub cleaner and soft brisseled brush (best to use non oil based cleaners)
Item Weight 0.25 Pounds

About this item

  • Vinyl
  • Non abrasive
  • Conformable, non-residual Removable adhesive (no mess)
  • Patented peel and stick Anti slip material
  • Anti fungal


14″x27” Blue $19.95 bogo + $19.95 S/H for 2 kahuna grip mats

  • Made from patented hydro hold material, which contains millions of microscopic surface fractures. When these fractures get wet, they grip feet like little suction cups to prevent slipping.
  • Kahuna Grip was originally invented to keep surfers feet locked in so they wouldn’t slip on wet surf boards. Kahuna grip has now been proven so effective, it is becoming a standard to keep surfers from sliding off their surf board… and will keep you from slipping in your bath tub, shower, or Jacuzzi.
  • With Kahuna Grip, you won’t slip
  • Kahuna Grip has received the highest “no slip safety ratings”

4 reviews for Kahuna Grip Blue

  1. Louise from NYC

    Beautiful and held up the whole year I was in that house, but I couldn’t take it with me was the only downfall. Would recommend to friend and would buy again.

  2. Neil L.

    I live in an apartment and this mat worked great for my tub. I am 70 so I am always worried about slipping. The suction is great and non-movable after installing. The price is also great and you get a second free one. I gave the extra mat to my son.

  3. Amazon Reviewer

    These mats are very high quality and a must have in my house! Got them with different designs for each bathroom. I didn’t expect to like them this much, but for sure 5 stars in all ways!

  4. Jason A.

    I am very happy with this mat. The blue color goes well with my blue colored walls. It’s got strong grip. I am not worried about slipping anymore.

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