Returns? Kahuna Grip™

Our products are made of a patented peel ‘n stick high energy kinetic friction surface force that can help stop motion. Keeping you safe on wet or oily surfaces. Kahuna Grip’s™ microscopic textured surface and diamond embossed pattern maximize kinetic friction, increasing traction and grip. The adhesive backing on Kahuna Grip™ seals on tight, yet it peels off so easy! Contact Kahuna Grip™ now if you have any questions about our line of products.

Please contact Kahuna Grip™, give us a call or send us a email. We can be reached most anytime during business hours. For questions about installing Kahuna Grip™. Please visit our Installation Page, for more questions about Kahuna Grip™ you can also read our FAQs Page and for more information about your order. Please log into your Account Page.

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