Kahuna Grip™ Installation

1. Thoroughly clean, removing all wax, dirt, oil and grease from surface area where you will be applying your Kahuna Grip™ products. For best results apply a non-oil based solvent such as mineral spirts, paint thinner, or denatured alcohol to remove any residue. Repeat process if residue persists. Rub down with dry cloth and let dry completely. DO NOT USE WAX REMOVER SOLVENTS THEY LEAVE A RESIDUE THAT DOES NOT ALLOW KAHUNA GRIP™ ADHESIVE TO STICK TO SURFACES.

2. Place Kahuna Grip™ mat or tread in place. It helps to hold in place with blue painter’s tape. Peel the protective backing paper, exposing adhesive. Carefully place exposed adhesive edge to surface, and press down firmly.

3. Make sure that you try to eliminate as many air bubbles as possible by smoothing down product onto surface while applying. Rub into surface with your fingers, edge of your hand, soft plastic flat edge or graphics/decal application squeegee. Work from the center outwards slowly towards outside edges.

4. Maximize traction by cleaning entire surface with Comet brand (non-abrasive cleanser) and water-using a soft scrub brush.

If you have any questions about Kahuna Grip™ installation please contact us for more information.

Kahuna Grip Step 1

With a clean towel/rag, clean surface removing all oil, dirt, wax, and grease. Then dry using towel/rag, make sure area has no residue present.

Kahuna Grip Step 2

Peel backing of “easy peel” paper backing.

Kahuna Grip Step 3

Stick to surface by placing exposed adhesive side down. Press downward in place.

Kahuna Grip Step 4

Remove remaining “easy peel” backing and smooth out traction from edge to edge until traction is secure on surface.