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Installation Instructions

Learn how to install Kahuna Grip

Required Supplies

Installing Kahuna Grip is a quick and easy process! Simply follow the instructions below.

Step One

With a clean towel or rag. Clean the bathtub surface removing all soap scum, oil, dirt, wax, and grease. Make sure the bathtub surface area has no residue present. It is best to clean the surface one or more times, finishing with a final clean using rubbing alcohol. This will help ensure the best adhesion to the bathtub surface. Make sure the surface is completely dry before applying your Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat.

Step Two

Unroll your Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat, lay flat on tub surface and position in bathtub.

Step Three

Secure Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat to tub using masking tape. Place masking tape across short side of your Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat. Use an extra piece of tape to help stop the mat from rolling up during installation.

Step Four

Peel Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat back from adhesive backing. Gently fold back your Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat without creasing. Avoid touching the adhesive side of the mat as much as possible.

Step Five

Fold adhesive backing and tuck under your Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat. Fold back adhesive backing as close to tape as possible without going past masking tape. Avoid touching the adhesive side of the mat as much as possible during installation.

Step Six

Carefully fold mat back over without letting it stick to surface. Working from the center of your Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat outwards using your other hand. Rub your Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat down to surface of tub.

Step Seven

Remove masking tape from Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat.

Step Eight

Pull folded adhesive backing away from under your Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat while rubbing mat to surface. Working from the center of your Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat outward.

Step Nine

Check that your entire Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat is adhered to the surface. Hand wash and spot clean as needed. Enjoy your Kahuna Grip™ bathtub mat.

Works Great

"This stuff works great. Got it for my tub, which I was always slipping and sliding. Not good for my back nor my elderly mother. Haven't slipped or had any issues with this product. In fact I have one in every shower and tub in my house."
Orange Cove, CA

Gives Me Confidence!

This is the new type of traction mat for the shower or tub, and what a great improvement! Super thin with great graphics, and textured enough to make me feel perfectly secure in a wet porcelain tub. Goes on easily. I am extremely happy I bought this.
Lexington, KY
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