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Kahuna Grip™ does NOT contains abrasive minerals which other products are made with such as sand, glass and carbide which irritate the skin and often become slippery when wet!

Given that proper care is taken to remove all dirt, oil and other contaminants from the surface before installing product, we do offer a 1 year warranty against adhesive peel up.

NoVersaTraction’s USPTO Patented Textured Surface repels water, Kahuna Grip™ does not become soft and gummy when it makes contact with water.

Kahuna Grip™ has built in UV protection and is not known to discolor over time. Keep the surface clean in order to maximize both traction and appearance.

Kahuna Grip™ is grippy not sticky. The product is slightly textured and not “sticky” to the touch but will provide outstanding grip properties under body weight and direct contact with water.

YesVersaTraction’s USPTO Patented Texture increases its anti-slip properties when it makes contact with water.

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